The Best LabraDoodle...


This is a Poodle in a pet clip. 

Unlike LabraDoodles, THIS dog has a great coat which he got from his parents and will pass on to his offspring. 

If you are looking for a cute puppy, contact a POODLE breeder.  Then you get a pure bred dog for likely less then you are paying for a LabraDoodle.  LabraDoodles are comparable to what you can get for $70 at your local Humane society. 


They mix all of the genetic diseases of the Poodles AND the Labradors.  Buying a LabraDoodle means that you have double the likelihood of getting a potentially fatal or crippling disease.  This will not only cost you a LOT more money, but will also increase the likelihood that you will lose your companion sooner.


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Why Poodle cross breeds are NOT recommended.

Information on how to select a Poodle and questions to ask the Breeder.

How to select a Poodle Breeder


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